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KnuKonceptz Inline Fuse Holder
KnuKonceptz Inline Fuse Holder
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Starting Price: $12.00

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Part Number: E014

Fuse Size (required)

80A - Recommended for FC2
100A - Recommended for FC3

Inline fuse holder, same as what we use on FC2 and FC3 controllers. Comes with two tin coated copper ferrules for 4 AWG or 6 AWG wire. Install close to the power source to protect downstream circuit.

Select 80A fuse for 6 AWG wire (two pumps) and 100A fuse for 4 AWG wire (three pumps.)

4 AWG SGX Wire 6 AWG SGX Wire
Starting Price: $2.50 per foot
Starting Price: $2.00 per foot
4 AWG SGX Wire 6 AWG SGX Wire