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Walbro F10000302 (Improved GT Supercar) Fuel Pump
Walbro F10000302 (Improved GT Supercar) Fuel Pump

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Part Number: W-F10000302

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Walbro F10000302 Fuel Pump

The F10000302 (aka "Improved GT supercar pump") is an aftermarket version of the OE fuel pump that can be used in universale applications. We generally limit the use of this pump to upgrade Ford electronic returnless applications; however, it may be used in return configurations if silent pumps are required. This pump does not have an internal checkvalve, so it cannot be used in "staged" pump configurations (any installed F10000302s must be running, or fuel will back-feed through a non running F10000302)

  • compatible with gasoline, race gas, and ethanol blends up to E99, as well as race gas/ethanol blends
  • use in return or returnless configurations
  • no internal checkvalve
  • single channel turbine pump is nearly silent
  • comes with fuel safe sealed Delphi electrical connector
  • requires Walbro prefilter on inlet (recommend Walbro 125-190)
  • initially tune with GT supercar voltage tables
  • fuse each pump at 20A
  • not recommended for methanol fuels
  • made in USA by TI Automotive

This pump has a nearly identical form factor (shape) as the original GT supercar pump (F10000128). The main external difference is the use of a sealed Delphi pigtail, whereas the F10000128 has bare terminals directly on the pump body.