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TI Automotive F90000262 Fuel Pump
TI Automotive F90000262 Fuel Pump
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Starting Price: $110.00

Price with Selected Options: $110.00

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Part Number: W-F90000262

Pump Accessories

Add Walbro prefilter 125-190 [ +$10.00 ]

Add replacement cartridge o-rings 37-A [ +$2.00 ]

Add cartridge adapter [ +$25.00 ]

Add 25A fuse for FC2 / FC3 [ +$1.00 ]

TI Automotive F90000262 Fuel Pump

The F90000262 (aka the "Walbro 400") is one of our highest performing fuel pumps that we offer for gasoline (and race gas) for in-tank applications. Many of our customers have achieved 1400+ rwhp on race gas with two of these fuel pumps.
  • compatible with gasoline and race gas (not for use with ethanol blends)
  • able to operate up to 87 psi total fuel pressure
  • internal check valve for use in staged (or non-staged) fuel systems
  • dual channel turbine pump for very quiet operation
  • 1/4" positive terminal, 3/16" ground terminal on pump body
  • requires Walbro prefilter on inlet (recommend Walbro 125-190)
  • fuse each pump at 25A
  • not recommended for methanol or ethanol blends
  • made in USA by TI Automotive
This pump should not be used in voltage boosted applications, or in vehicles with ECU controlled alternator where the fuel pump voltage is able to exceed 14V. (must be disabled in tune file)
Carefully consider whether your fuel system is capable of supporting this pump before attempting to implement into a pre-existing fuel system that utilizes a smaller pump. Upgrades/changes may include electrical, filtration, fuel pressure regulation, and fuel line sizes.

  • All Fore Innovations fuel pump modules (except compact version, call for details)
  • Some OE replacement applications (requires upgraded wiring at a minimum, contact sales@foreinnovations for details)

  • See performance chart in product images
  • Outlet diameter: 9mm
  • Diameter (upper body) 39mm
  • Diameter (lower body) 50mm
  • Length (inlet-outlet tips) 120mm
  • Fuse at 25A

Cartridge Adapter for TI Automotive F90000262 Replacement o-ring set for Cartridge Type A Cartridge Wrench Set
Starting Price: $25.00
Starting Price: $2.00
Starting Price: $12.00
Cartridge Adapter for TI Automotive F90000262 Replacement o-ring set for Cartridge Type A Cartridge Wrench Set