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TI Automotive F90000285 Fuel Pump
90000285 Walbro 470 525 E85
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Starting Price: $150.00

Price with Selected Options: $150.00

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Part Number: W-F90000285

Pump Accessories

Add Walbro prefilter 125-190 [ +$10.00 ]

Add replacement cartridge o-rings 37-B [ +$2.00 ]

Add cartridge adapter [ +$25.00 ]

Add 30A fuse for FC2 / FC3 [ +$1.00 ]

Add unassembled Delphi/Aptiv connector [ +$8.00 ]

Add Delphi/Aptiv pigtail [ +$10.00 ]

Description Features & Specifications
TI Automotive F90000285 Fuel Pump

The F90000285 (aka the "Walbro 470 or 525" or "Hellcat Pump") is one of our highest performing fuel pump that we offer for in-tank applications. This pump is identical in form factor to the F90000267 and F90000274, but has a slightly higher output. Like the F90000274, this fuel pump has a high pressure relief valve for high boost applications. Due to the additional heat this pump generates, we generally recommend this fuel pump be used as a secondary pump in conjunction with a F90000274 primary; however, it may be used as a primary pump for demanding applications.

  • Compatible with gasoline, race gas, and ethanol blends up to E99, as well as race gas/ethanol blends
  • Able to operate up to 112 psi total fuel pressure
  • Internal check valve for use in staged (or non-staged) fuel systems
  • Dual channel turbine pump for very quiet operation
  • Comes with fuel safe sealed Delphi electrical connector
  • Requires Walbro prefilter on inlet (recommend Walbro 125-190)
  • Fuse each pump at 30A
  • Not recommended for methanol fuels
  • Made in USA by TI Automotive

Carefully consider whether your fuel system is capable of supporting this pump before attempting to implement into a pre-existing fuel system that utilizes a smaller pump. Upgrades/changes may include electrical, filtration, fuel pressure regulation, and fuel line sizes.

  • All Fore Innovations fuel pump modules (except compact version, call for details)
  • Some OE replacement applications (requires upgraded wiring at a minimum, contact sales@foreinnovations for details)

  • See performance chart in product images
  • Outlet diameter: 10mm (3/8")
  • Diameter (upper body) 39mm
  • Diameter (lower body) 50mm
  • Length (inlet-outlet tips) 130.6mm
  • Fuse at 30A

Replacement o-ring set for Cartridge Type B Cartridge Wrench Set Cartridge Adapter for TI Automotive 267, 274, 285, 295
Starting Price: $2.00
Starting Price: $12.00
Starting Price: $25.00
Replacement o-ring set for Cartridge Type B Cartridge Wrench Set Cartridge Adapter for TI Automotive 267, 274, 285, 295