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Walbro GSS342 G3 Fuel Pump
Walbro GSS342 G3 Fuel Pump

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Part Number: W-GSS342G3

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Walbro GSS342 G3 Fuel Pump

The GSS342 G3 (aka the "Walbro 255", along with GSS340) is a minor revision to the GSS342, known as the most reliable fuel pump we offer for gasoline (and race gas) for in-tank applications. These pumps create the least amount of fuel heat of any pump we offer and have been observed to last for years. Two of these pumps are typically recommended in domestic vehicles making less than 800 whp on gasoline. Additionally, we will recommend this pump as a primary pump to be used in conjunction with our higher performance secondary pumps. (that operate intermittently)
  • compatible with gasoline and race gas (not for use with ethanol blends)
  • internal checkvalve for use in staged (or non-staged) fuel systems
  • gerotor pump for reliable and consistent operation in all temperatures
  • use standard Walbro GSS pump connector
  • requires Walbro prefilter on inlet (recommend Walbro 125-190)
  • fuse each pump at 20A
  • not recommended for methanol or ethanol blends
  • made in USA by TI Automotive/Walbro
We recommend this pump be operated at standard vehicle voltage; however, in the cases of ECU controlled alternators or voltage boosters, we recommend pump voltage be limited to 16V to prevent gerotor cavitation.

The outlet barb is different than the [discontinued] GSS342. You must use upgrade kit 37-4 to fit in Fore Innovations pump modules. (check Fitment and Specifications tab to ensure it is compatible)

Cartridge Adapter for GSS342 G3 and GSS352 G3 Cartridge Upgrade for GSS G3 pump
Price: $25.00
Price: $10.00
Cartridge Adapter for GSS342 G3 and GSS352 G3 Cartridge Upgrade for GSS G3 pump