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Predator Fuel Rails
Predator Fuel Rails
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Starting Price: $350.00

Price with Selected Options: $350.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
Part Number: 89-100

Adapters and Crossovers (required)

OE line adapter and rear crossover [ +$194.00 ]
OE line adapter and extended crossover [ +$206.00 ]
Fuel Lines

FlexLP / RH235 -8

Fittings for Ethanol Content Sensor [ +$40.00 ]

Fore Innovations monoblock fuel rails for the Predator engine. Each pair starts out with over 20 pounds of solid aluminum bar and is machined down to 2.15 pounds per set. Integrated mounting tabs eliminate rail tab flex under the highest intake and fuel pressures.

  • Use with OE injectors or Injector Dynamics XXXX.60.14.14B.8 injectors.
  • Choose optional OE feed adapter and crossover kit for complete installation.
  • Includes 150mm long stainless screws with socket head cap screw (hex key)
  • Provisions for a second fuel rail pressure sensor are included on the passenger side rail (1/8 NPT port)
  • ORB-8 female ports (3/4-16 threads)

Notes on Flex Fuel Intercept Fittings option

  • Includes fittings only, not the actual flex fuel sensor.
  • Recommend ethanol content sensor GM #13577429.
  • Use rear crossover for ID1050X and smaller
  • Use extended crossover for ID1300 (or similar)

Loctite 567, 6mL AN Assembly Jaws and Wrench Set
Starting Price: $9.00
Starting Price: $63.00
Loctite 567, 6mL AN Assembly Jaws and Wrench Set